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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bali Tour: By the day of Galungan 2014, food prices and more expensive pieces

Bali Tour: By the day of Galungan 2014, food prices and more expensive pieces;
Celebrate Galungan Day is add up to celebrate a victory, an excellent victory. Because the actual which means from the day of Galungan will be the triumph of fine around evil. So it ought to be celebrated along with joy and adore. However, in Bali, celebrated a victory not just along with partying, additionally along with rituals and ceremonies. So that facets of the actual lives of Hindus in Bali, is inseparable from the notion of Tri Hita Karana. Galungan day thus meaningful and could be felt by all of the interrelated facets of everyday living.

Celebrate Galungan in Bali has turned out to be a culture very extended ago. Creating a spread of foods is an activity which constantly carry out. Therefore, every prior Galungan, the value of food and also the fruit becomes terribly expensive. Rice, meat, spices, cooking oil, sugar, and all of the raw materials for cooking, will need to have experienced a rise in value. Prices of fruits additionally increased, and becomes terribly expensive. Because the actual fruit is made use of to take offerings by Hindus in Bali. Fruits are often required throughout Galungan, additionally in 2014.

Pork is really a staple to celebrate Galungan. Not just for consumption, in addition to to suggests that of ceremonies. The pork is processed towards a kind of common Balinese food. Lawar, satay, komoh, tum, and a lot of, all created ​​with pork. By the actual day of Galungan, the value of pork and also the meat becomes more costly. Due in the growing want.

Only vegetable costs failed to raise. Therefore, vegetables are extremely rarely required prior Galungan celebrations. Most individuals consume pork Bali though celebrating Galungan. Typically, dishes made out of pork can easily last approximately many nights. Therefore, if the day of Galungan, vegetable costs are extremely cheap.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bali Tour: Towards the Galungan 2014 celebrations, the more expensive meat

Bali Tour: Towards the Galungan 2014 celebrations, the more expensive meat;
Meat demand grew in Bali ahead of Galungan celebrations in 2014, on May 21. Orders of meat continues to rise by the Hindus will celebrate Galungan. The type of meat is increasing the price of pork, chicken, and duck meat. But the price of the most expensive is pork. Because pork is a staple in the Galungan celebration, not only for consumption, pork raw material is also used for rituals.

Once upon a time in Bali, before the trading system is very complex as it is today, Bali people raising pigs to celebrate Galungan preparation. Pigs are animals that must be raising. Because the needs of the pork is very vital in Bali. But this time the pork is very easy to come by, simply by buying in traditional markets, pork can be obtained at an acceptable price.

This year, pork prices are not too expensive, but the price increases continue to occur because of the enormous need. Pig farmers always benefit when they sell pork ahead of Galungan celebrations. Some farmers sell pork by finding prospective buyers in advance, if the buyer has received the meat as expected, the pigs will be slaughtered, but if there are no buyers, then the whole pig will be sold to collectors.

Chicken and duck are also needed for the ritual means, but in small quantities. Chicken and duck meat typically used for consumption only. Usually, if the person already has the pork, then it will not need pork. Chicken meat is used only to complement it.