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Friday, May 9, 2014

Bali Tour: Galungan day in 2014

Galungan day

Bali Tour: Galungan day in 2014;

Galungan is a good day for Hindus in Bali. It could be mentioned because the day of victory, each day for celebration, and each day to gather along with family. Galungan when all you certainly will return and gather along.

Starting nowadays, residents of Bali, the particular Hindu religion has ready all devices and suggests that to celebrate Galungan. The mother compiled a snack, prepare a suggests that for offerings. Men have started preparing bamboo which will be applied to help make Penjor. Because Penjor is really a suggests that mandatory and has to be created when celebrating Galungan.

Two weeks just before the day of Galungan, farmers and folks who may have tegal, has cultivate and nurture the particular plant to grow fast and massive. Because the majority of the raw materials to help make the particular celebration of Galungan devices comes from nature. Coconut timber nurtured to bear a lot of fruit, that the fruit could be harvested. Trees nurtured to fruition very fine separation, thus the fruit can be employed for offerings.

Balinese girl has a distinct tradition. To welcome the particular celebration of Galungan, they produce a new kebaya, which should be worn through the day Galungan. Making dresses for girls Balinese is amazingly hard, in the event you have plenty of motifs and ornaments. A month just before the day of Galungan, Balinese women have started to help make the particular dress, in order that tailors could be completed within a timely manner.